Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The Coming War In Iran?

In this article Saad Al-Faqih outlines what many believe to be Al-Qaida's strategy for the downfall of the US. Something that is implied heavily is that the mullah's of Iran are now actively cooperating with and sponsoring asymmetrical warfare against the U.S.

And our response? Official silence. Is the Bush administration ignoring
clear evidence of Iranian
provocations in order to secure our withdrawal from Iraq later this year? Or is something else going on behind the scenes (in fact, there are some rumors that the recent train derailment in Iran happened because the 'fertilizer' was bound for Kandahar)?

Perhaps, instead of wondering about if or when a war with Iran will break out, perhaps we need to consider wither or not it has all ready begun - and if so, when it will blow wide open?

My fear, is that IF Iran is providing safe harbor and sanctuary to terrorists, will Bush do some thing about it - re-electability be damned? Or will he prevaricate until after the election? Even though Iran appears to be close to acquiring nuclear weapons thanks to a little help from their friends in Pakistan? Because Bush has set us on the course of active intervention in the Middle-east, the cost of 'blinking' at this point could be very, very high. Extremist elements could feel as though they have been forced into an untenable position with the fall of Hussein, and any response they may make will most likely not way for the completion of our election cycle.

Or, to put the problem in perhaps better perspective....


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