Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Iran, our dear friends
In this news report (yeah, yeah, it is Fox, but bear with me) it has been reported that several admitted Iranian intelligence agents have been caught in Iraq with explosives. This, taken with the recent reports of several battalions of Iranian troops being positioned on the border with Iraq, and the recent capture of British sailors paints a troubling picture.

In my mind this has two potential meanings, either Iran is exploiting the inherit ‘weakness’ in our system in that Bush is extremely unlikely to respond to their provocations during the election cycle (barring a clear and unequivocal provocation involving WMD’s being used against us or an ally), or they all ready have nukes, and the IAEA has completely and utterly failed again.

My ‘hopeful’ take on this is that it is the former case rather than the latter. I feel that the mullhas are hoping to destabilize our elections against Bush by performing acts that make him and Blair appear weak, thereby increasing the chance of a Kerry win. This is also predicated on the idea that Kerry will approach the Middle East in a more ‘nuanced’ manner, through the UN for example. This election-induced paralysis would then allow Iran to create their nuclear arsenal their leisure and begin influencing Iraq directly. Because, let’s face it, Kerry won’t ‘unilaterally’ do anything against Iran. No matter what.

If what we are witnessing is a manifestation of them all ready having nukes, well it is only a matter of time before one is used against Israel, just as they have promised. Luckily the one argument I can muster against them all ready having nukes is that Israel hasn’t struck Iran. Yet.


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