Friday, June 11, 2004

Abu Gharib, misconduct, and general stupidity

Well, I’ve tried to avoid commenting on Abu Gharib simply because I don’t know what happened. Was it institutional stupidity? Poor training? A directive to the intelligence operatives in the field? I don’t know. But I am seeing a very ugly pattern developeing. From the case of Sean Baker to Justice Department memos describing the legitimate use of torture I can’t help but feel that someone is abusing my trust. I think a proactive, forward-engaged Middle East policy is the only way we will ever ‘drain the swamp’ of totalitarianism and fundamentalist Islam in the Middle East. But it is not worthwhile to pursue these laudable goals while sacrificing our own ideals. Between all of the above, the misnamed ‘Patriot’ act and my unease over the suspension of fundamental rights for ‘terrorism suspects’….

If only the Dem’s would nominate anyone other than the vile toad Kerry. 20 years ago I probably would have been a ‘Regan Democrat’. Kerry does not appeal to me in the least. But then again, neither does Bush really.

At the end of the day, I fear that while we may have won the battle for Iraq, we are loosing the war for our principles.


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