Monday, July 19, 2004

And the Drumbeat against Iran gets louder
After much hand wringing about our removal of the ‘low-hanging fruit’ in Iraq, the final 9/11 Commission report is expected to clearly and explicitly outline links between the Government of Iran and Al’Qaida as a facilitator, but not as a direct planner.

There is significant evidence that Iran is harboring the leadership of Al’Qaida. This, coupled with the Iranian obvious pursuit of nuclear weaponry in contravention of the non-proliferation act, should strike everyone with an ounce of sanity as an intolerable risk to the entire western world, starting with Israel.
Since 9/11 the U.S. has held direct talks with Iran—and through intermediaries including Britain, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia—concerning the fate of scores of al-Qaeda that Iran has acknowleded are in the country, including an unspecified number of senior leaders, whom one senior U.S. official called al-Qaeda's "management council".

I think this report essentially guarantees that within 6 months, we will at the very least see Israeli strikes against targets in Iran, and a call for war by the United States against Iran in the next State of The Union (no matter who wins the election).

IMO, confrontation is unavoidable barring Iran abandoning their current nuclear ambitions in an open and verifiable manner and including the extradition of all members of Al-Qaida.


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