Monday, August 09, 2004

McGovern makes another appearance on the National Stage
Tacticus over at Red State had dissected an interview of Kerry and Edwards by NPR. He clearly and convincingly illustrates Kerry's plan for Iraq: complete withdrawal.

Do people really think this is a viable plan of action at this point? That Iran will simply recork their nuclear ambitions? That because there is still violence instigated by Baathists holdouts, fundamantalistic jhadis and Sadar's militia that this is the 'Will of the Iraqi People'? In spite of all evidence to the contrary?

Iraq can and will be our greatest ally and asset in reforming the middle east away from pre-Reformation Islam. All we need to do now is Stay. The. Course. Anything else will simply prove what a paper tiger we are, and we should simply start taking lessons in Mandarin now.


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